Sermon: July 19, 2009 – Know the Gospel

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Thistletown Baptist Church

July 19, 2009

You Shall Be My Witnesses VIII – Know the Gospel


a. One of the most tragic accounts in all the Bible to me is the whole Book of Malachi. The tragedy of Malachi is seen in 1:2, 6f,; 2:13, 17; 3:7, 13f. The tragedy? Ignorance. They (the priests and those they teach) do not know why God is upset with them. And they should have known. Because what they are doing is violating the Word that God gave them through Moses and others and God expected them to know it – and they do not.

b. Then there are the people that God spoke to through the prophet Hosea – Hosea 4:1, 6. God is angry at them because they are ignorant – and they should not be ignorant of Him or His Word or His will.

c. See Jeremiah 4:22

d. But this is not just an Old Testament problem – Eph. 4:18; 5:17; Hebrews 5:11f Continue reading “Sermon: July 19, 2009 – Know the Gospel”