Sermon – March 21 – Baptized Believers are Added to the Church

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Acts 2:41 – So those who received his word were baptized, and there were added that day about three thousand souls.

I Introduction

1. Review: The church is made up of disciples of Christ. Disciples are those who follow Jesus Christ. They are those who believe in Jesus and have turned away from their sin. They have taken up their cross and followed Him. They love Him more than they love anyone else, even father and mother, sister and brother, husband or wife. They are those who love one another. They are those who are opposed, persecuted, ostracized, misunderstood … in various ways because of their loyalty to Jesus Christ. They are those who are obedient to the call of Christ upon them, the first command being to be baptized.

2. Today we consider the third essential mark of disciples of Jesus Christ. They are part of a church that worships and serves God together. We are going to use Acts 2:41 as a starting point, a catalyst, if you will to get us to seeing the importance and value of formal church membership. Continue reading “Sermon – March 21 – Baptized Believers are Added to the Church”